What is RubyTree?

RubyTree is a simple and general purpose implementation of the Tree data structure for the Ruby language. RubyTree aims to provide a simple to use node based model for the conceptual tree, and the ability to extend the model into specialized cases in user code via generic APIs.

The current version provides implementations of:

RubyTree is available as a Rubygem and is released under the BSD License.

What's New?

Version 0.9.7 released on Dec 31, 2015. This release provides:

  • Ability to use the 'print_tree' method on non-root nodes
  • Enhanced behavior for the spaceship comparision operator (<=>), and
  • Other documentation and bug fixes.
See the the Changelog for details.

Installing RubyTree

Download & install the latest version using rubygem (you may need to do this as the super user):

$ gem install rubytree

Check the documentation for RubyTree by looking up the RDoc using yri, or by browsing the online documentation.

$ yri Tree::TreeNode

Helping RubyTree

Help RubyTree with your suggestions, bug reports, or patches.